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Why It's Important To Maintain A Protection Plan On Your Storage Unit

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Recently, we believe, Store N Save became one of the last storage facilities in town to require its customers to maintain a protection plan on their storage units.  Why is this significant?  I will tell you in the next few paragraphs. 

These days, most landlords of apartment buildings require their tenants to carry tenant insurance, while all mortgage companies require their mortgagees to carry home owner’s insurance.  They do this to not only protect their interests if a tenant or mortgagee would do something that would cause significant damage to the property they have an interest in, but to also make sure that the policy holders have peace of mind and protect their belongings should something devastating take place.

Up until recently, Store N Save made protecting one’s goods a personal decision, but offered a standard insurance plan that could be purchased separately from an insurance company specializing in storage customer insurance.   We always thought these policies were too expensive for the coverage given, but recently learned of a way we could offer a very similar product called: Secure Lease at a better price point.  Secure Lease currently $2,000 of protection for only $8.00 per month or $11.00 for $5,000 of protection is the offering we have for customers to protect their goods.  Customers also have the choice of providing a copy of their Home Owners or renters policy that specifically indicates they are covered for “offsite self-storage.” Many find that this coverage is more expensive than what we offer and are happy for the option.   

In addition, we have found our program to be the most inexpensive offering in our market. So great you might say, we’ve saved our customers a few bucks a month for protection from Fire, water damage, theft etc…, but why make it mandatory?  Just as in the examples above, it is to make sure there is peace of mind for our customers if the unthinkable were to happen. Even though we strive to do everything we can on a daily basis to prevent the unthinkable, things can happen.  

Case in point:  Just this week, a storage facility in Long Beach had a 3-alarm fire in which a building collapsed and over 100 storage units were burned to the ground.  Here’s the link to this horrific story:

By the way a Long Beach fire fighter alerted us to this story the morning after this happened and stated how glad he is that Store N Save has a fire sprinkler system in place, unlike the storage facility in this story.  Sprinklers or not, those 100 + effected people would at least have some peace of mind knowing their belongings were protected by a protection plan, assuming the storage facility in question required such a thing. 

Bottom line, we are proud to offer Secure Lease to our customers and we rest easier now knowing that all of our customers will be required to have this peace of mind.  Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions about this issue. Thanks for reading.

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