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When you live in and around a dense urban environment like downtown Long Beach, your living space is unlikely to hold all of your belongings, but having to drive a half hour or more out of your way to get to your stuff renders it almost useless to you. That’s how Store N Save is different; we’re all about convenience. We’re located in your neighborhood, and because of our proximity, you can think of us as more of a detached garage for storing those possessions you only need on occasion. Accessing your spring wardrobe or your snowboarding gear or that lamp you’ve been meaning to find a spot for in your apartment has never been easier, and when you’re done using your stuff, we’re right around the corner for you to come drop it off.

Beyond being located in your neighborhood, our facility has several time-saving, hassle-free features. We provide drive-up access to all three floor sof our building. Everything is located indoors, so you never have to worry about loading and unloading in bad weather. We have locks, boxes and many other supplies available on the premises. We also offer our new customers the ability to use our Moving Truck Promotion. With Store N Save’s easy-access layout, inventory of moving and storage supplies and adjacency to your front door, storing your extra stuff has never been easier.

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Welcome to the Neighborhood

For those of you who are new to downtown Long Beach or even for those of you who have been here a little while and are looking to explore a little, we’ve compiled a brief list of some of the more exciting activities and events in the area. Read More...

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What Size Storage Unit Do I Need?

 We have approximately 30 different unit sizes available to suit a wide array of customer needs. We have spaces starting from the size of a hall closet at 25 sq ft to a one and a half car garage at 300 sq ft. Whether you need to store a few boxes or an entire set of household appliances and furniture, we have a unit to meet your needs.



"“Store-N-Save is a great little storage company. I can drive right to my unit and it’s very secure. Plus, it’s close to my condo in downtown Long Beach!” "

Noah S., Mechanic


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