About Store-N-Save

Store-N-Save is the only self-storage facility located in downtown Long Beach in the East Village Arts District. Our building has been around since the 1920’s and was converted to a storage application in 1987. What makes our building so unique is that you can drive to every floor of the building! As long as your vehicle fits (8ft 4 inches) through our entrance, you can drive to and park on each floor. We also have our own moving truck available that fits to every floor. It is there that you will find several moving carts to load your belongs and take them to your storage space. On the first floor, we have two loading zones available as well. 

We’re a local, family-owned and operated business, who understand the importance of serving and supporting the community we grew up in and raised our own children in. This allows us to provide a greater level of attention to the needs of our customers than many of the giant storage chains out there. We feel strongly that we should be a blessing to our community and look forward to serving you.